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Our new favorite sport

Feb 17, 20061 min
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While perusing a few news sites yesterday we came across results for the men’s Snowboard Cross event at the the Olympics. “Cool, an American took the gold”, we thought (one from New England, no less!). “But what the heck is Snowboard Cross?” Fast-foward to last night and we catch a few races, including the finals, on the NBC prime time coverage. Needless to say, we’re now hooked on Snowboard Cross. These guys (and girls) are nuts! The comparisons to NASCAR racing is right on. This needs to be on TV every weekend in the winter. It would definitely help fill the void between the end of the football season and the beginning of baseball. If you haven’t seen Snowboard Cross yet, the women’s finals are today (results here if you want to know ahead of time) and will probably be on the primetime coverage tonight. Check it out!