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Caption Contest winnah!

Feb 21, 20061 min
Data Center

So that’s where all those old 8″ floppies went…

Richard Pitruzzello brought back memories of one of our favorite flicks, War Games. Plus, we nearly spilled our hot chocolate while laughing. For his efforts, Richard’s mailbox (the physical one) will soon be graced with a great Layer 8 prize.

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So darlin’, what’s the retetion policy on that dress?Paul B. I doesn’t repel X’s either.Bill After going on, Ms. O is waiting for her perfect date – Mr. X. If they are compatible and get married, expect a lot of Xs and Os. Steve D. has new spokesperson.Jared P. Maria models the Gucci tribute to the new Olympic Gold MedalAlan M. Last time I ask “What’s new?” at Staples!! Hank A.