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Backing up with Streamload

Feb 21, 20062 mins
Data Center

Late last week, we discovered one of our personal Dell laptops was not charging. It turned out to be be the connector on the laptop itself as going bad, so Dell (thanks to an extended warranty) sent out a new motherboard and tech to fix it. Being a bad home administrator, the machine had not been backed up all that recently, so we had quite a bit of files to save. Where’d we put them? A free Streamload account, which offers 10GB of storage for the grand total of $0. (The caveat to the free account is a 100MB per month download limit, but I was hoping that I wouldn’t actually need to download what I just backed up (thankfully, that was the case).

Streamload’s main target is consumers with large media files that they want to store and access securely from a central place. With some of the pay accounts, you can upload virtually every song and video you own for little money. Thankfully, you’re not limited to just movies and music, you can throw just about any file up on the service. It saved us a lot of potential headaches over the holiday weekend.

Streamload was a DEMOfall’05 participant. You can see the company’s presentation here.