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Letter writer chides IT manager classified ad

Mar 07, 20061 min
Data Center

Flipping through the Nashua Telegraph last Friday, we stumbled on a Letter to the Editor that took issue with a recent classified ad for a new IT manager for the City of Nashua (N.H.). Author Jack Carroll thought the qualifications were missing a few items:

Among the qualifications listed was expertise in VMS, Unix, Windows NT, Windows 95 and Microsoft Office. Conspicuous by its absence was any mention of open source systems such as Linux or Open BSD, or office applications based on open file format standards, OASIS Open Document in particular.

In my opinion, this omission is unfortunate. The time is long past for ignoring the rapidly growing use in government of open standards and open source software.

While open source is something most IT directors should be familiar with, we’re not sure a 669 word letter is needed to express disatisfaction over an ad that totals 173 words (including the address) is necessary.