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The “What is Chambers singing?” Caption contest winner

Mar 13, 20061 min
Data Center


You put your Cisco in! You pull your Netgear out. You plug your cables in, and you snake them all around…

We better help our latest caption contest winner, Martin Zapata, get a copyright on this tune before Cisco runs with it in their latest advertising campaign. For his excellent work, Martin gets a great Layer 8 prize. More entries that made us chuckle after the jump.


“Somewhere over the rainbow way up high…”Robert R. I did it MYYYYYYYYYY Waaaay!!!Mike “I’ve got SUN shine, on a cloudy day…”Renee P. “I owe, I owe, its off the routes we go”Mark B. Put a hat on him and he’s Gene Kelly singing “Gotta Dance” from Singing in the Rain.Gene L. Routiiiiing in the raaaain…. is safe for wi-fi, but when lightening strikes agaaaaaaaain, optical fiber will save your hi-hide… You’ll be paying through the noooooose, but that’s ok then, since fiber’s only natural enemies are backhoooooooes, and those that drive ’em……Casey H.