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Support your local OS

Mar 13, 20061 min
Data Center

Last week we brought you a letter-to-the-editor from a local paper that chided the skill sets required for a new IT manager for the City of Nashua, N.H.. The saga continues this week with a follow-up letter from another reader saying, tongue in cheek (we assume):

Mr. Carroll spent the rest of his letter arguing that Linux and open-source software was superior to UNIX and Windows, but he didn’t further mention VMS. Too bad. VMS is not only a much more stable and reliable operating system than any of the others mentioned, but it’s also a local product!

Yes, VMS has come from Nashua since 1980, the DEC … er … Compaq … er … HP facility on Spit Brook Road, to be precise.

Following that logic, Network World should only use 3Com equipment since we’re in its former building.