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How to find your lost gadget

Apr 03, 20061 min
Data Center

Ya know the Internet isn’t the cruel, heartless identity-stealing, deposed Nigerian dignitary thieving hotbed of dishonesty everyone makes it out to be.

At least if you patronize Craigslist. So says USA Today, um, today, in their story about the kindness of Craiglisters and the fact that lost-and-found posts are actually reuniting people with their gadgets – and in some cases, cash, teeth or birth mothers.

“The culture of trust is key, and the fact is that we work really hard at that,” said founder Craig Newmark, 53, who now has Web sites in 190 cities that boast more than 10 million users a month (which are killing newspaper classified advertising).

There really is a Craig? We thought he was fake, like Colonel Sanders. (Ed. – Colonel Sanders was real, too). No way!

Via USA Today