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Cellphones: The new ninja weapon?

Apr 04, 20061 min
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On the heels of yesterday’s post about BlackBerry-hurling Naomi Campbell, Washington Post columnist Henry Allen asks: “Are cellphones the new nunchucks?

Noting the recent rash of celebrity-phone-assaults (apparently a Georgia Congresswoman also joined the Cellphone Hall of Shame last week), Allen writes:

“The cellphone is not just something you call your boyfriend with, it’s also something you break his head with, if he really, really needs it. And he has to know you can do it. Watch for more magnum cellphones on the market.

There may come to be a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘I’m losing you, you’re breaking up.’ “

What we don’t get is why cellphone assaults didn’t take off in the early days of the giant, paperback-sized cellphone or the awesome bagphone. Those suckers would really do some damage.