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‘Star Wars kid’ settles lawsuit

Apr 12, 20061 min
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One of the Internet’s most famous stars, “The Star Wars Kid,” has settled a lawsuit with classmates who posted video of him engaging in a one-person lightsaber battle.

The video showed then 15-year-old Ghyslain Raza acting out his Star Wars battle sequence, and was quickly edited, set to music and otherwise manipulated by thousands who downloaded the clip around the world. His nerd-oriety gave the Canadian teen a fame he didn’t quite seek, hence the lawsuit.

According to the AP: “Raza sued the former schoolmates for $310,000 in damages shortly after the incident. The amount of the final settlement – which came just as the trial was about to begin – was not disclosed.”

But we’re sure Raza has enough green to now buy a fancier lightsaber.

Via The New York Post