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Cisco engineer’s hellacious commute

Apr 14, 20061 min
Data Center

Cisco engineer Dave Givens wins the Dubious Achievement of the Week Award for his 372-mile daily round-trip commute to work.

Givens makes the 186-mile drive – each way – five days a week from his home in Mariposa, Calif., to his job in San Jose. The trip takes seven hours and he’s been doing it since 1989. And for that he’s won Midas’ “Ultimate Road Warrior” contest and gets $10,000 in gas money and a range of maintenance services and products.

“I have a great job and my family loves the ranch where we live,” Givens said. “So this is the only solution.”

I dunno, “death” sounds more appealing than spending 35 hours a week commuting to work. Anyway, it apparently works for Givens, who “listens to the radio, keeps his eyes on the road and drinks ‘a lot of coffee.’ “