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Creepiest robot ever

Apr 17, 20061 min
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OK, this thing is creepier than the Resusci Annie used by the Red Cross to teach CPR.

A $20,000 robot named Noelle is a life-sized, pregnant, mannequin being used to simulate deliveries, train medical students and eliminate preventable birthing errors.

“She can be programmed for a variety of complications and for cervix dilation. She can labor for hours and produce a breach baby or unexpectedly give birth in a matter of minutes,” writes the AP.

And you thought your labor was fun!

Noelle, who can emit pulse rates, urinate, bleed and breathe, delivers a plastic doll “that can change colors, from a healthy pink glow to the deadly blue of oxygen deficiency. The baby mannequin is wired to flash vital signs when hooked up to monitors.”

OK, while noble, this is officially the creepiest robot ever.