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TurboTax reboots on tax day

Apr 19, 20061 min
Data Center

Intuit, the folks who make TurboTax software, had the right idea but the wrong execution.

Figuring that they’d get slammed with a lot of traffic on Monday’s tax deadline day, they figured they’d do some preventative server maintenance to help the boxes run as best as they can. Great idea!

Not a great idea: Doing said maintenance in the middle of the day you expect the crush of traffic.

“If we see the system slowing down, we take proactive steps to get ahead of it,” Intuit spokeswoman Julie Miller said.

Right, but can’t you do it sometime other than 5:25 p.m. EDT on Tax Day? The AP reports it took the system 20 minutes to get back up and “an unknown number of users were affected.” Intuit says “it would have been at most in the hundreds.”

Via My Way News