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Da Vinci Code teams with Google

Apr 19, 20061 min
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As if “The Da Vinci Code” movie or Google needed any extra buzz.

However, the two behemoths have teamed for an ongoing online puzzle challenge, “The Da Vinci Code Quest,” in which you can win “untold riches.”

Barks the site: “The quest, which began April 17th requires skill, intellect, and perseverance. Over a span of 24 days ending May 11th, you will encounter unique challenges. These daily puzzles will pull you deeper into the world of The Da Vinci Code. Answer all 24 puzzles correctly for a chance to win untold riches.”

OK, we’ve got two beefs with this movie: 1. Rachel Weisz should have been cast as Sophie. 2. What the hell is up with Tom Hanks’ hair?