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Technology offers date escape

Apr 21, 20061 min
Data Center

Secure Networks is offering a service in which you can have a text message, cell phone call or e-mail sent to you as a ready-made excuse to ditch a bad date.

We’ve heard of the pre-arranged call thing before, but this is ridiculous.

Writes the AP: “Before your date, go on the Internet and scribble a message to friends and family. Set the time for the message to be sent – by cell phone, e-mail or instant messaging. If the date is going well, cancel the message by logging on to the Internet from your cell phone. If you don’t cancel, your friends will spring into action, such as by placing a call that could give you an excuse to say an emergency has come up.”

Yeah, if you forget to cancel it, scare the hell out of your unwitting family and friend accomplices. Very nice.

If you’re on a terrible date, why can’t you just feign illness like everyone else?

Via MyWay News