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How long can you look at a teeny screen?

Apr 26, 20061 min
Data Center

Real football fans can describe the tuck rule and can’t get enough of vampiric analyst Mel Kiper and the NFL Draft. Seriously, Mel – Count Chocula called, he wants his ‘do back.

Anyway, as part of its $600 million, 5-year deal to become the NFL’s “official wireless telecommunications partner”, Sprint will offer 16 hours of live draft coverage, April 29-30. Holy smokes, that is a lot to take on a tiny screen. But if you’re trying to get the jump on your fantasy league brethren, we’ll suppose you’ll do anything.

The Sprint deal ankles ESPN’s nascent gambling, er…we mean mobile service, as the network can’t broadcast draft footage to its ESPN Mobile users. However junkies can tune into the Worldwide Leader in Sports proper to enjoy their 17 hours of coverage.

In other news, Verizon will offer subscribers the ability to watch paint dry via VCast.

Via USA Today