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Cell feature sets back women’s movement

Apr 28, 20061 min
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This latest announcement by Vocel and Harlequin Enterprises has sent the women’s movement back about, oh, 60 years.

The push technology company and the bodice-ripping publishing giant have joined forces to offer, sigh, Harlequin On The Go. The service provides serialized chapters of trademark Harlequin stories downloadable to a cell phone as well as other features:

“Women will be able to enjoy games such as ‘Six Degrees of Kissing’ – a mix-and match pursuit where celebrity couples are connected by who kissed who in their movie roles A daily pop culture poll will let subscribers now what the rest of America thinks about the latest happenings. And fans can even learn how to write a romance novel via Writing 101.”

No word if it’s available only on pink cell phones.