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Man puts jet engine in VW

May 02, 20061 min
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We’ve always equated Volkswagen aficionados with Apple addicts due to their undying love of the brand. But we think even Mac heads wouldn’t go this far.

Witness 48-year-old Ron Patrick, an engineer who’s added a jet engine to his VW.

Yes, you read that right. A. Jet. Engine.

Writes the San Francisco Chronicle: “The Navy surplus General Electric T58-8F is that menacing, giant cigar-like item sticking out of the VW’s hatchback. When he fires it up, standing next to it is a bit like standing next to one of the engines of a Boeing 737 or an Airbus A320 while the thing is about to back off from the gate. This, however, is a Volkswagen bug with a 1,450-horsepower jet engine sticking out the back, idling away at 13,000 RPM.”

Great story, even better pictures here.

But, Ron, why?

“The purpose of this car is to have fun and be stupid. It’s a toy, a toy for silly boys.”

Via Obscure Store.