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Microsoft to produce TV shows

May 04, 20061 min
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Microsoft is teaming with Hollywood hip kids to create 10 Web show pilots that could one day end up on TV. But probably not iTunes.

MSN Originals is joining forces with Ben Silverman, “one of the prime movers behind importing the reality show craze to the United States and the producer of shows like ‘The Office’ and ‘The Biggest Loser’ on NBC,” writes The Times.

Four pilots already given the green light include:

  • An untitled comedy about a commuter airline billed as “The Office” meets “Reno 911” meets “Airplane”;
  • “Under the Influence,” which plans to pair a musician with one of his or her inspirations;
  • “Face Off,” an interactive “Crossfire” with a pop-culture slant;
  • “Chef to the Rescue,” in which people cooking meals get advice from a celebrity chef.

Wow, sounds just as crappy as legacy TV.

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