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Will Hollywood ever get IT right?

May 04, 20061 min
Data Center

Um, no.

C’mon, ever since Hollywood gave us “The Net”, staring Sandra Bullock and Dennis Miller, we should have realized it was always gonna be off when it came to portraying the Internet and computers.

Ye Olde “Hollywood Never Gets The ‘Net Right” story is an old one, but it’s still fun the latest look at Hollywood’s “spotty track record” when it comes to portraying technology.

to walk down Motion Picture Memory Lane and laugh at LA. The WSJ is your guide for

Although our favorite IT movie moment will always be the little girl from Jurassic Park, who upon finding the park’s command center computers screams, “It’s a Unix system! I know this!”

And in another reason why we love the Internet, here’s an explanation of the gear in question:

“Incidentally, Lex is sitting down at a Silicon Graphics workstation running a program called 3D File System Navigator, which runs on top of Irix, an implementation of Unix.”