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Interesting news from the Star Wars front

May 05, 20061 min
Data Center

Why on Earth did we work yesterday? Why did no one tell us it was a religious holiday – Star Wars Day.

May the Fourth Be With You!

And as such two big bits o’ news came out of Skywalker Ranch. First, the trailer for the Star Wars Lego II game is out. It’s here and it is awesome.

News, the second: Remember when our pal George Lucas put out the Star Wars Special Edition on DVD (and tweaked key scenes) saying he would never, ever, ever release the originals on DVD as they originally played in theatres? And remember buying them because it was the closest we’d get to the original movies on DVD?

Um, never say never, says George.

George must have a late mortgage payment or something because he’s announced he will be offering the theatrical releases on DVD. So the good news is we get the original trilogy on DVD. The bad news? We fork over another $50 to Lucas.