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Apple’s odd sales pitch

May 08, 20061 min
Data Center

So we hit our local Apple store over the weekend to pick up a spiffy new Intel-chipped MacBook Pro.

Knowing what we needed, we were the easiest sale in town, yet our Apple salesman certainly made it hard. Did we want a .Mac account? We did not. Are we sure? Absolutely. Really? Yes.

Rinse and repeat with questions pertaining to a printer, Apple Pro Care and AirPort, and you get a sense of the, um, insanely annoying persistence of this gentleman. We were pretty sure he was going to try to sell us undercoating next. When we assured him for, like, the third time that we did not indeed need a .Mac account, he looked at us in disbelieving horror as if we just offered our child up in exchange for a Shuffle.

But the topper was the following:

“Certainly you want the Extended Warranty