New switches, Wi-Fi gear to advance Arista’s campus architecture

Campus leaf switches and a Wi-Fi 6 access point will be available this fall to flesh out Arista’s grand plan for more efficient campus networks called Cognitive Campus.

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Koto Feja / Getty Images

Arista is rolling out more products and services in its continued assault on both the campus network and enterprise hybrid-cloud environments.

In particular, the company is readying a new family of what it describes as its first purpose-built campus leaf switches as well as a Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) access point that fit into its overall grand plan called Cognitive Campus, with which the company says customers can more easily automate deployment, configuration, troubleshooting and deploying security.

Arista is also fashioning an alliance with Microsoft to better support enterprise use of hybrid cloud.

Essential components of Cognitive Campus include the new access point and campus leaf switches and a family of spline switches, introduced last year, that meld the functions of access and core switches. All the switches run Arista’s Extensible Operating System (EOS) and are managed by the company’s CloudVision software, which facilitates orchestration, provisioning and telemetry across the campus.

“EOS and CloudVision give customers the same consistent features and capabilities from the data center to the campus – in stark contrast to the way many networks are operated today,” said Jeff Raymond, vice president EOS Product Management and Services at Arista. “Through this consistency customers can simplify and more effectively manage their operational environments.”  

Together Arista EOS and CloudVision software support a number of key features that build out the ideas behind a Cognitive Campus including:

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