Cisco spotlights new IT roles you've never heard of

A Cisco report on IT trends says new jobs to address changing IT needs include business translator, network guardian and network detective.

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The future of IT networking jobs is being shaped in part by the current demands created by the way businesses handle the COVID-19 situation but also by the rapid change in the way networks are being built.

In particular the critical skillset network engineers need to stay on top of their career game is evolving at a hastened pace with an increasing focus on melding security and intent-based-software skills with business aptitude.

A glimpse into what that future means for IT networking professionals can be found in Cisco’s 2020 Global Networking Trends Report. It was completed before COVID-19 changed the way companies do business, but the predicted impacts have been hastened by the pandemic’s impact.

“It’s clear that these skills are even more critical now – the need for connecting and controlling corporate connectivity and security to home workers begs for new types of expertise,” said Joe Clarke, a Distinguished Services Engineer at Cisco. This is an evolving skillset for network engineers who are dealing more with the business managers and translating what they need into an IT vocabulary about setting policies, for example, and continuing to build the foundation of networking, Clarke said.

From the networking study, Cisco put forward a number of new or developing roles it expects to see in the future, including:

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