Pure Storage expands its flash-storage systems and software lines

Pure Storage's Purity software and capacity-optimized flash platform add new file support and ransomware protection.

20170411 pure storage flasharray x side view
Pure Storage

Pure Storage, the all-flash storage-array vendor, has expanded its Purity software base and is also expanding its line of storage products.

Pure has three storage lines, the FlashArray//X, the FlashBlade, and the FlashArray//C lines, all managed by its Purity software line. The updated Purity software adds Windows-application acceleration for the FlashBlade and FlashArray lines and delivers ransomware protection across file, block and native cloud-based apps, among other features.

The new version of Purity also adds granular monitoring so administrators get real-time visibility into the most active users on a network and see who is stressing the storage system.

FlashBlade looks to be getting the most attention, starting with new native server message block (SMB) support. This provides simplicity and multi-dimensional performance for very high throughput and IOPS with low latency to support multiple workloads simultaneously, files of any size, and sequential or random I/O access.

Customers can accelerate Windows applications with a rich set of existing data services, including Replication, File System Rollback, and SafeMode Snapshots for rapid ransomware recovery. Validated solutions include healthcare PACS applications and SQL Server Backup at speeds higher than 1TB/min for SQL farms that demand fast backup and recovery.

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