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Mirror Image unveils targeted content services

Jan 27, 20042 mins
Data Center

* Mirror Image’s content-delivery services cut down on programming

To empower business groups with content management capabilities, IT managers might want to take a look at new services from Mirror Image.

Rather then depending entirely on an IT department to update and administrate content, Mirror Image says its services will provide a means for business managers to update and deliver content to specific customers, geographies and vertical industries on the fly.

“Our new services enable customers to eliminate the programming time involved with delivering new content in a real-time manner,” Mirror Image CTO Bob Hammond says. Rather than rewriting code, an IT administrator or business professional uses a point-and-click interface to redefine the content to be delivered.

Behind the scenes, as a Web surfer clicks on a Web page for more information on an item of clothing, for example, the Web Computing services redirect the request from the URL programmed into the Web page to the nearest Mirror Image point of presence (POP). From there, a rule input by the Mirror Image customer is executed and the content sent to the Web surfer.

Other features included in the Web Computing services are a Web Beacon and Java Execution. The Web Beacon provides businesses with a means to evaluate the content they’re delivering to customers by letting them anonymously track click-stream activity to identify user behavior and trends. And Java Execution provides the Java container that enables a customer to distribute Web application logic directly to Mirror Image’s network without custom programming.

The new services are based on Mirror Image’s Content Access Point (CAP) network to regionally story and deliver content to customers worldwide. With 21 large POPs, the company is able to speed the delivery of content regardless of customer location, Hammond says. And because Mirror Image offers its technologies as services, customers do not have to install any hardware or software on their nets or in their data centers.

Available now, Mirror Image’s Web Computing services can range in features, and pricing adapts to customer demand. For example, Hammond explains, a simple content targeting service could cost as little as $3,000 per month, while a bundled package could scale up to $100,000 per month.