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FineGround plays better with others

May 25, 20042 mins
Data Center

* FineGround’s performance mgmt. software integrated with other vendors’ wares

FineGround Networks last week integrated its Web application optimization software with third-party products to monitor performance from end users to back-end systems.

Performance Suite 6.0 can now work with application performance management tools from BMC and network and systems management software from Computer Associates, HP and IBM Tivoli.

“By correlating systems data with application performance data, corporations can leverage their current technology investments and achieve the highest level of data-to-data analysis,” Corey Ferengul, vice president and principal analyst at Meta Group, said in a statement. “The key is identifying potential performance problems before they can affect the end-user experience.”

FineGround says it enhanced its core optimization technologies, which include compression, to help customers reduce network latency and server contention on WANs. Applications in the FineGround Performance Suite are available stand-alone or packaged as an appliance.

The Velocity appliance can be installed at the edge of a data center in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) off of a standard load balancer. The data monitored and collected by the appliance is delivered back to the Web infrastructure or to end users.

FineGround provides a Web interface as part of the management console, which can run on the appliance or be installed on a server as a separate application. The data collected is stored in a local database on the appliance and can be extracted or output through Crystal reports.

The FineGround Performance Suite includes the FineGround AppScope Performance Monitor, Condenser Optimization Software and Management Console. Available now, pricing for the suite begins at $15,000.