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Nutanix expands hybrid-cloud features to support unstructured data

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Dec 08, 20202 mins
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Nutanix Objects and Files software now supports scale-out storage fabrics across different cloud environments.

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Nutanix has expanded the capabilities of its Objects and Files unstructured-data storage offerings with new hybrid-cloud capabilities for deploying a scale-out storage fabric across their various cloud environments.

These new storage services are built on the recently launched Nutanix Clusters, which support Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software running in AWS and, eventually, Microsoft Azure. New features include cloud tiering for object storage, hybrid-cloud file storage, and simplified disaster recovery.

“IT teams around the world are quickly moving to hybrid environments, and they’re looking for technology solutions to help them facilitate this transition, to help them manage disparate technologies and simplify operations,” says Rajiv Mirani, chief technology officer of Nutanix in a statement. “We recently extended our hyper-converged-infrastructure software to public cloud with the launch of Nutanix Clusters to help companies do just that. Now the focus is on strengthening the overall platform, including delivering an easy-to-use, scale out storage fabric across their different cloud environments.”

Nutanix’s new unstructured data storage offerings break down as follows:

Nutanix Objects

This feature provides cloud tiering for objects storage. It means an IT team can tier object data to an S3-compatible object store, including cloud storage such as AWS S3. This helps enable customers to lower the cost of long-term storage and archiving by taking advantage of public-cloud infrastructure. It also improves data lifecycle management across different clouds while metadata is retained on-premises for easier search and retrieval.

Nutanix Files

Hybrid-cloud file storage—Nutanix Files—can run in public clouds as well as private, with a unified hybrid experience across multiple cloud deployment modes through a single-pane management console. This provides the flexibility to choose the right cloud, offer easy scalability, and deliver more control over hybrid-cloud file storage.

Nutanix Objects and Files

Nutanix has improved its recovery point objective (RPO) from an hour to a minute to ensure data is readily available across data centers and clouds in the event of disaster. Objects now provide streaming replication, allowing enterprises to containerize their mission-critical stateful applications and ensure business continuity, according to Nutanix.

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