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Tech Talk: Lessons from Mobile World Congress, and what’s next for developers

For developers, are these the best of times or the worst of times? Given how fast technology (and needed skills) change, it's an open question. Our tech trio weighs in – and talks about what we learned from this year's Mobile World...

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Mingis on Tech: Apple's latest iOS healthcare push

When iOS 11.3 arrives, it will allow a limited number of users to more easily access and share healthcare data – part of Apple's ongoing push to connect patients and doctors. Here's what that means and why Apple might actually succeed....

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Tech Talk: IT trends for 2018 – passwords on the way out, blockchain evolves

Our tech panel envisions the end of passwords, looks at how blockchain is evolving, details why 'serverless' computing is a boon to devs and wonders why Apple's HomePod seems late to the game.

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Is the world ready for instant IoT?

A new Chinese IoT platform claims to enable IoT product development in just one day. Could that jumpstart IoT experimentation?

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HPE offers a SaaS-based tool for hybrid cloud management

HPE introduces OneSphere, a multi-cloud management platform that will promote 'useful' shadow IT on premises and in conjunction with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

Alexa Skills

Mingis on Tech: Coding new skills for Alexa

Alexa is the helpful voice in the Echo and Echo Dot that comes with a wide range of skills already available. But with a little coding, it can be made to do much more. IDG's Sharon Machlis explains.

Scrum Master Role Explained

The scrum master role explained

Watch this instructional video to understand how a scrum master can help a team learn agile development and follow a scrum process to develop new applications

Rust Language

The Rust language: Developing safer software

Get up to speed quickly on newcomer Rust, designed to create fast, system-level software. This two-minute animated explainer shows how Rust bypasses the vexing programming issues of memory and management.

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Arrow Electronics gives IoT a voice, connects devices to communications tools

Arrow Connect connects computing systems and communication systems to the Internet of Things.

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How the hybrid cloud has made the digital transformation possible

Competition in the 21st Century economy is fierce. Consumers are more tech-savvy than ever, as we all carry around more computing power in our pockets than Neil Armstrong took to the moon—and potential customers pay attention to...

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How IoT is impacting mobile app development

Few things are revolutionizing mobile app development more than the spread of devices fostered by the creation and proliferation of the the Internet of Things (IoT).

Python:Programming made easy

Python: Programming made easy

Perfect for IT, Python simplifies many kinds of work, from system automation to working in cutting-edge fields like machine learning

IBM Z mainframe

Docker brings containers to mainframes

With Docker Enterprise Edition 17.06, containers can now run on IBM z Systems mainframes running Linux.

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W3C embraces DRM—puts itself on the wrong side of history

The W3C’s endorsement of Encrypted Media Extensions, a DRM-like restriction, is a terrible move. The EME spec restricts what can be viewed on web browsers.

Qualcomm Centriq 2400

Qualcomm partners with Packet to offer ARM servers

Packet, a bare-metal cloud provider for developers, plans to offer customers access to Qualcomm’s 48-core ARM server processor, Centriq 2400, later this year.

hybrid clouds

Cloud-native architectures will be the default soon

The number of cloud-native enterprise applications is expected to jump to 32 percent by 2020, but CIOs will face resistance along the way.

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Mingis on Tech: The alphabet soup of mobile device management

Do you know your MDM from MAM and EMM? It's all about BYOD, and how companies can keep data safe while making it easier for workers to be productive with their own devices.

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Delivering agility to Paychex with XebiaLabs

Paychex went from following a waterfall development cycle to becoming agile with the help of XebiaLabs products.

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