Objections mount to Nvidia’s acquisition of Arm

Big names are urging antitrust officials to intervene in Nvidia's $40 billion bit to buy Arm.

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It was probably inevitable, but companies are urging federal regulators to intervene or even block Nvidia’s planned $40 billion purchase of Arm Holdings.

Google, Microsoft, and Qualcomm are among a number of companies concerned about whether they will continue to have equal access to Arm technology after the acquisition closes, according to both Bloomberg and CNBC. And CNBC goes so far as to ask regulators around the world to scuttle the deal altogether.

Earlier this month, UK-based AI chip start-up Graphcore asked the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority to block the acquisition. Graphcore isn’t even an Arm licensee, just an Nvidia competitor in the AI-processor space.

Before that, a group called Save Arm—led by Hermann Hauser, founder of Acron Computers, which created Arm—popped up almost immediately after the deal was announced last year, urging British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stop the deal.

The US Federal Trade Commission has opened an investigation into the acquisition and has asked SoftBank, Nvidia, and Arm to provide more information and also is asked for input from other companies that might have relevant information.

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