Pluribus extends cloud fabric to Nvidia smartNICs

Pluribus can extend its switch fabric to Nvidia data processing units as a way to reduce the workload on CPUs across distributed infrastructure.

geometric structure presents a networking pattern in lines of connection

Pluribus Networks has extended its switch-fabric software to server-based data processing units (DPU)—aka smartNICs—that can lighten the workload for server CPUs.

Pluribus has ported its Unified Cloud Fabric (previously Adaptive Cloud Fabric) software to the Nvidia BlueField-2 DPU, which offloads software-defined storage, networking, security, and management workloads from traditional servers.

Other vendors such as AWS, VMware, Pensando, Aruba, and Intel are developing smartNIC architectures, and Pluribus is likely to support at least some of them in the future.

Underlying Unified Cloud Fabric is Netvisor One, Pluribus’s virtualized Linux-based network operating system (NOS) that provides Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking and distributed-fabric intelligence. The NOS virtualizes switch hardware and operates without a controller. The software can be deployed across a single data center or targeted to specific racks, pods, server farms or hyperconverged infrastructures, the company said.

“We now we have a common OS across open switches and DPUs, which allows us to unify networks that include both servers with DPUs and other servers and devices without DPUs,” said Jay Gill, senior director of products & solutions with Pluribus.   

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