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Managing application performance

Jul 07, 20042 mins
Application ManagementData Center

* The importance of implementing and effectively using APM systems

As a concept managing application performance is one most people in this industry can get a handle on. Actually implementing and effectively using an application management system is another. At least according to this week’s Tech update author (

According to our author application performance management (APM) is software that improves interaction between applications and the network components that support them. The idea is to manage application traffic in real time and find the reason for poor application performance – be it the application or a Web server, load balancer, or another piece of the complex environment supporting online applications and fix it quickly before your business loses too much money.

This is key because a recent study shows that IT managers spend about 30% of their workweek managing applications. The same report also shows that about 30% of application performance problems cannot be identified or resolved within a day. APM maker Wily Technology, conducted the survey of 360 IT managers last year.

The good news is that a flood of vendors from BMC, Computer Associates, Wily and Veritas to IBM, HP, Sun and EMC all offer APM management software. Research from APM Advisors, reports over 100 companies now offer APM hardware and software to enable APM.

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