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Linux vendors intro Opteron servers

Jan 27, 20042 mins

* Appro and Pogo unveil multiprocessor AMD Opteron servers

LinuxWorld was busy last week for makers of AMD Opteron-based servers. At the show, two vendors, Appro and Pogo, introduced quad- and dual-processor servers.

Appro launched the 4145H, a 4U quad-processor server that uses AMD’s 32/64-bit Opteron processor. The server is designed for compute-intensive graphics applications, rendering and digital content creation.

It features HyperTransport technology, as much as 64G bytes of memory, four hot-swappable IDE or SCSI hard disks and remote management capabilities. It will ship with either Windows or Linux.

Further, the 4145H will feature five PCI-X slots and two onboard 10/100/1000M bit/sec Ethernet adapters. It will have internal storage of 1.5 terabytes with Serial ATA drives or 876G bytes if SCSI drives are used. This product will be available for purchase in February.

Pogo Linux introduced a four-processor server, the PerformanceWare 4464. The company also demonstrated PogoRemote, server management software that lets administrators remotely manage Pogo storage servers. The PerformanceWare 4464 uses the Opteron 800 series processor and is designed for compute-intensive applications.

The company released a two-processor rack-mounted server called the PerformanceWare 1464. It features up to 12G bytes of memory, four SCSI drives and also uses the AMD Opteron processor. 

The PerformanceWare 1464 is available now, starting at $2,500. Pricing for the PerformanceWare 4464 is not available, but it is scheduled to ship the first week in February.