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RLX intros Linux clusters

Feb 05, 20042 mins
High-Performance ComputingNetworking

* RLX Technologies will build Linux server clusters to order

Server blade manufacturer RLX Technologies at LinuxWorld announced built-to-order server clusters for high-performance computing.

These Linux server clusters consist of RLX’s Control Tower XT and HPC Cluster Manager software, combined with the 1U high RLX RackModule Servers, the HPC ServerBlades or the RLX HPC ServerBlades with InfiniBand. They also include on-site integration and configuration with packages such as LSF, MIP Pro, OpenPBS or BLAST.

RLX partners with TopSpin for InfiniBand host bus adapters, switches and pass-through cards, which attach blades to the TopSpin switch.

The RackModule Servers are single- or dual-processor servers operating at 2.6 GHz to 3.0 GHz and featuring dual Gigabit Ethernet adapters and internal disks. The HPC ServerBlades come in several configurations – they too have single or dual processors, internal storage and dual Ethernet adapters.

The HPC Cluster management tools let customers configure, provision, monitor and manage the performance of an RLX Linux cluster.

All three RLX Cluster Manager products are available for purchase today. Pricing varies, but an $80,000 configuration includes a 22U rack, RLX Control Tower with Cluster Manager, a Power Distribution Unit (PDU), one cyclade port concentrator, a 48-port Cisco switch, 20 RackModule (1U) servers, each with 1G bytes of memory and an 80G-byte hard drive. This RLX cluster also comes with all installation, integration and testing.