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Deep packets

Jul 23, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* A closer look at deep packet technology

When it comes to controlling application traffic either for security purposes or to load balance amongst a variety of servers, one technology is emerging that promises to handle both duties.

Known as deep packet inspection, the technology, implemented in specialized network hardware and switches is designed to peer more deeply into IP-based packet headers or payloads and redirect content-based customized or preset policies.

According to out Technology Update author ( deep packet inspection directs, persists, filters and logs IP-based applications and Web services traffic based upon content encapsulated in a packet’s header or payload, regardless of the protocol or application type. The technology lets traffic management devices look into the content of a TCP or UDP flow for a complete, all encompassing view.  This is accomplished by reassembling IP datagrams, TCP data streams, and UDP packets as they flow through the device to view the entire application content and then act on it according to a company’s defined policies, our author says.

A whole host of vendors – from Cisco and Check Point to DataPower, F5 and Sarvega – do deep packet inspection for a variety of applications.

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