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The Extended Enterprise

Feb 19, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Halliburton wins Network World's Extended Enterprise Innovator Award

This week, Network World takes the wraps off of an important new Signature Series package.  It focuses on the notion that local employees, remote and mobile workers, customers, resellers, suppliers, other business partners are all gaining more and more access to corporate information and workflow processes from anywhere they want.

How do you handle that?

Well among the articles in this Signature Series, we find out how Halliburton handles that problem. The company won our Extended Enterprise Innovator Award for creating a sophisticated yet easy-to-use portal that delivers technical content, interactive tools, collaborative features and e-commerce functions for customers, suppliers and employees. 

Our story details how, commercially launched in January 2002, has become the destination of oil company technical specialists and procurement and accounts payable managers when they need virtually anything from Halliburton. It also has become an open door for employees and suppliers, as Halliburton quickly turned from a dedicated customer portal to an extended business ecosystem serving all three contingents. Collaboration among the groups is a focus.

But that’s just one of the interesting stories in this issue.  We also explore how you can get a better handle on VPN users and how you can more fully exploit Web services.

It’s a huge package. Check it out.