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The right age for kids & tech

Nov 28, 20051 min
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If you’ve got a Christmas list from your child that can be completely settled at Circuit City, you may be wondering “Is my kid ready for all this tech?”

iPods, PlayStations, cell phones and laptops are gracing many a youngster’s list, leaving parents wondering what’s the right age to start introducing this gear.

The AP turns to child headshrinkers to answer the question and the experts note “parents should resist making such major purchases without first taking into account the child’s maturity, the family’s values and other factors.”

“I think like everything else, parents have to keep an eye on their kids and how their kids are spending time,” said psychologist Debbie Glasser, founder of “While the issues have changed over the past 20 years, the concept of being a connected, engaged and aware parent is the same.”

Interesting stuff.

Via My Way News