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Man tricked after Xbox assault

Nov 28, 20051 min
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Props to Rochester, NY-area police and Best Buy employees who last week nabbed a man suspected of punching a couple over an Xbox 360 by tricking him into thinking he was getting the sought-after console.

Todd M. Coulter, 40, was charged with attempted third-degree robbery, attempted fourth-degree grand larceny and first-degree criminal impersonation, after he allegedly punched a couple who grabbed the last Xbox 360 voucher at an area Best Buy. Coulter claimed the duo cut him in line and he took off after the fracas.

Best Buy officials figured out Coulter’s identity through store records of those who registered for vouchers and lured him back to the store under the pretense they had a Xbox 360 for him. But when Coulter arrived, he left with a pair of shiny new handcuffs instead.

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