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How to foil a wiretap

Nov 30, 20051 min
Data Center

If you’re being wiretapped by the Feds, good news: You can stop the recording or falsify the numbers you’re dialing with off-the-shelf equipment, say researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. And it’s not via a Sony CD – we checked.

“If you are a determined bad guy, you will find relatively easy ways to avoid detection,” said Mark Rasch, a former federal prosecutor who is now chief security counsel at a computer security firm. “The good news is that most bad guys are not clever and not determined. We used to call it criminal Darwinism.”

That’d be a great name for a band.

Anyway, The Times’ story is here and a copy of the UPenn paper on the issue is here.

The Feds say they’re not freaked out as the vulnerability only affects older wiretaps – or so they say. we’d say that too if it were us.

Via The NY Times