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We have a (caption contest) winner

Jan 23, 20061 min
Data Center

“Hello, tech support? There doesn’t seem to be a ripcord on my parachute. What should I do next?”

Fred Crowner got the biggest laugh this morning here at the Layer 8 World Headquarters with his tech support gem. Though, by time our free falling caller got through the maze of menu options, he and the ground would have been one.

For his efforts, Fred gets a great Layey 8 prize. More entries after the jump.


Normally, when taking a self portrait while sky diving you would want to make sure it is attached to you. Unless you have the new Siemens Skydiving Phone, which can handle a very big drop.Chad F. Testing the new “The iPod clothing phenomenon” to the limit!Mark B.

And demonstrating how the new drop testing will work, Engineer Dave will now put his i-pod through the ultimate test while playing his most favorite music