VMware boosts load balancing, security intelligence, analytics

At VMworld, VMware says its NSX networking software looks to help customers boost performance, management of virtualized cloud resources.

VMware boosts load balancing, security intelligence, analytics

SAN FRANCISCO – VMware has added new features to its core networking software that will let customers more securely control cloud application traffic running on virtual machines, containers or bare metal. 

At its VMworld event, the company announced a new version of the company’s NSX networking software with support for the cloud-based advanced load balancer technology it recently acquired from Avi Networks.

The load balancer is included in VMware vRealize Network Insight 5.0 and tied to NSX Intelligence software that lets customers optimize network performance and availability in virtual and physical networks. The load balancer includes a web application firewall and analytics features to help customers securely control and manage traffic. 

VMware bought Avi in June with the plan to punch up its data-center network-virtualization capabilities by adding Avi’s load balancing, analytics and application-delivery technology to NSX. Avi’s integration with VMware NSX delivers an application-services fabric that synchronizes with the NSX controller to provide automated, elastic load balancing including real-time analytics for applications deployed in a software-defined network environment. The Avi technology also monitors, scales and reconfigures application services in real time in response to changing performance requirements.

“The load balancer uses a modern interface and architecture to deliver and optimize application delivery in a dynamic fashion," said Rohit Mehra, vice president, Network Infrastructure for IDC. "Leveraging inbuilt advanced analytics and monitoring to deliver scale that is much needed for cloud applications and micro-services, the advanced load balancer will essentially be a nice add-on option to VMware’s NSX networking portfolio. While many customers may benefit from its integration into NSX, VMware will likely keep it as an optional add-on, given the vast majority of its networking clients currently use other ADC platforms.”

NSX-T Data Center software is targeted at organizations looking to support multivendor cloud-native applications, bare-metal workloads, hypervisor environments and the growing hybrid and multi-cloud worlds. The software offers a range of services layer 2 to Layer 7 for workloads running on all types of infrastructure – virtual machines, containers, physical servers and both private and public clouds. NSX-T is the underpinning technology for VMware’s overarching Virtual Cloud Network portfolio that offers a communications-software layer to connect everything from the data center to cloud and edge.

“NSX now provides a complete set of networking services offered in software. Customers don’t need dedicated hardware systems to do switching, routing or traffic load balancing as NSX treats VM, container and app traffic all the same from the cloud to data center and network edge,” said Tom Gillis, VMware senior vice president and general manager, networking and security business unit. 

Now customers can distribute workloads uniformly across network improving capacity, efficiency and reliability, he said.

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