HPE launches 5G test lab

HPE 5G Lab is designed to help telcos accelerate 5G deployment and adoption.

5G in India

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has launched the HPE 5G Lab, a test and development environment where telcos and partners can validate and integrate 5G network solutions. According to HPE, the lab will allow telcos to speed up 5G adoption and access new revenues faster by getting hands-on experience with the latest 5G innovations in a live test environment.

HPE hasn't pursued the telco market like this in the past, but with Huawei in trouble, HPE clearly sees an opening.

China's Huawei has been considered a major contender in the 5G telco market and was making considerable headway in part because its products are cheaper than those from Cisco. But multiple nations, including the U.S., U.K., and Australia, have labeled Huawei a security threat and banned it from competing for their 5G developments.

With Huawei under pressure, HPE earlier this year introduced the HPE 5G Core Stack, an open, cloud-native 5G core network software stack, along with the HPE Resource Aggregator for Open Distributed Infrastructure Management and HPE Edge Orchestrator, for telcos to deliver computing services to customers at the edge of telco networks.

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