Google has the fastest overall cloud platform, study finds

Cockroach Labs ranks Google cloud tops for overall performance, Microsoft Azure for the best storage, and AWS for the best latency response.

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the best hyperscale performer across all areas of throughput while Microsoft Azure has the best storage systems and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has the lowest network latency.

Those are the findings of a series of benchmarks performed by the atrociously named Cockroach Labs, maker of a scalable, resilient database called CockroachDB that runs on all three services. The study, part of the company’s third annual Cloud Report, evaluated the performance of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud in online transaction processing (OLTP) applications.

In total, 54 machines were assessed and almost 1,000 benchmark runs were conducted to measure CPU, network, storage I/O, and TPC-C performance, among others.

While the report declared Google Cloud an overall winner, it applied a note of caution: Each cloud provider stood out in different ways. It singled out GCP for overall pejrformance and best throughput on the Derivative TPC-C (OLTP) benchmark; Azure for its disks in storage I/O; and AWS as the most cost efficient option for OLTP.

“It is important to point out that each of the cloud providers showcased overall growth in machine performance since the 2020 report,” the researchers wrote.

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