AMD launches third-gen Epyc server processors

AMD's new Milan processor features a 19% performance bump and socket compatibility with its older processors.

amd epyc rome processor 2

AMD has taken the wraps off the third generation of Epyc server processors, codenamed Milan, just 18 months after launching the Rome generation. Formally named Epyc 7003, the new generation sports a new Zen 3 core with a number of performance bumps.

The Zen 3 core has been on the market for a while in desktop form as AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series, a line that has proven very hard to find due to a supply shortage and high demand. Because of its performance, the 5000 series is insanely popular with gamers.

Like the Zen 2/Rome/Epyc 7002 line, the new Milan is built on a 7nm manufacturing process and is socket-compatible with the prior two generations of servers, so you can give your servers a processor upgrade without having to replace the whole thing. All you need is a BIOS upgrade from the motherboard maker.

At the heart of AMD’s promotion of Milan is an increase in raw performance throughput of 19% due to enhancements with the new core design. With scaling getting harder, core performance jumps of less than 10% are becoming standard.

Milan processors will come with up to 64 cores and 128 threads. Rather than a big piece of silicon, the processor is designed with eight chiplets having eight cores each and tied together with a very-high-speed interconnect.

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