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The security buzz

Sep 27, 20042 mins

* A look at the 8th annual Network World Buzz issue

Time yet again for our annual look at what’s hot in our little corner of the world.  That’s right, the 8th annual Network World Buzz issue has arrived.

Looking at the network planet it’s hard to find a topic that’s more buzzy than security. And the word of the day is perimeter. Our author says that as organizations have opened their networks to business partners, customers and suppliers, they find that perimeter safeguards such as firewalls are opening as well. Then there’s the increasing mobility of so-called internal users, who connect to corporate resources via external wired and wireless links. Organizations still have perimeter firewalls in place, but they’re now shot so full of holes that they barely provide any protection at all.

Other users agree that they are struggling to secure their networks now that their perimeter safeguards provide less protection. The most popular strategy in fighting de-perimeterization is what the security community calls “defense in depth.” This is the process of shoring up perimeter defenses by layering on tighter and more numerous internal protections.

There are many other steps to secure your perimeters and they are all outlined in our story.  For more information on this topic see: