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Voltaire bundles InfiniBand products for databases

Jan 29, 20042 mins

* Voltaire puts together database package aimed at creating InfiniBand-based clusters

Voltaire last week announced a variety of product bundles and partnerships aimed at increasing user interest in InfiniBand.

The company introduced at LinuxWorld a package called the InfiniBand Database Solution for 64-bit Computing, which lets IT managers move their IBM DB2 or Oracle databases from high-end servers to clusters of low-end servers.

The bundle consists of a Voltaire ISR 6000 InfiniBand switch router – the interconnect for the clustered servers – drivers and protocols for SuSE and Red Hat Linux, InfiniBand adapters and cables, and Voltaire’s InfiniBand Database Kit for servers based on Intel Itanium 2 and AMD Opteron.

Optionally it also includes Fibre Channel storage-area network or iSCSI connectivity using InfiniBand-to-Fibre-Channel routers or Voltaire’s InfiniBand-to-TCP/IP routers. 

The bundle works with Oracle 9i, Oracle Database 10g, IBM’s DB2 ICE and all versions of DB2 Universal Database. 

Voltaire also announced an agreement with SGI, where SGI will resell its InfiniBand switch routers, adapters and VoltaireVision fabric management software to customers that want to cluster SGI Altix 350 servers. The Altix 350 is designed for technical computing. Plus, Sun will use Voltaire products to increase the performance of its grid servers.

Voltaire also revealed that Sandia National Labs is using its product to build a 128-node cluster.