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IBM grids iSeries and pSeries servers

Mar 30, 20042 mins
Data CenterIBM

* IBM grid toolbox helps users deploy, manage and control grid environments

IBM last week unveiled the latest version of its IBM Grid Toolbox V3 for Linux on iSeries and pSeries server.

The toolbox can now help users deploy, manage and control grid-computing environments. It contains a development environment approved by the Global Grid Forum as part of the Globus Toolkit.

New features in the toolbox let users use more of their spare capacity, work more collaboratively, make applications more available and make implementation faster.

It works on the SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 architecture running on iSeries and pSeries V1.1 servers. The iSeries and pSeries Grid implementation is built on the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), which consists of protocols and standards for communications between heterogeneous, geographically dispersed environments.

The toolbox includes sample code that lets developers learn how to implement a grid as well about the kinds of applications that are suitable for running on a grid. It also features integrated IBM middleware, including an integrated run-time environment and IBM data management software for reliability and scalability.

Further, the toolbox offers a user-friendly installation process, an embedded version of the WebSphere Application Server – Express V5.0.2 and a Java user interface.

The IBM Grid Toolbox V3 for Linux is available now at no charge.