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Dell changes low and high ends

Jul 29, 20032 mins

* Dell adds low-end server while giving up plans at the high end

Dell made changes at the low and high end of its server product lines last week. The company launched a small business server called the PowerEdge 400SC that starts at $500, and dropped plans to manufacture an eight-processor server.

The PowerEdge 400SC is the first server from Dell, IBM or HP to use an 800-MHz front-side bus. It can be configured with a single Intel Pentium 4 processor that operates at up to 3.2 GHz with as much as 4G bytes of memory, or with a Celeron processor that has a 400-MHz front-side bus.

The machine is intended as a file-and-print server for small businesses. Available in a pedestal chassis, the PowerEdge 400SC contains two IDE or SCSI drives, a Gigabit Ethernet adapter and three PCI slots. Users can choose IDE drives at 40G, 80G or 120G bytes – or SCSI drives at 36G or 73G bytes. A hardware RAID controller is optional.

The PowerEdge 400SC comes factory-installed with Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003 or Red Hat Linux. It is available now.

The company abandoned joint development with Intel of an eight-processor server, which was to use Intel Xeon processors. The company will instead focus on tying together machines with fewer processors into clusters that approximate the power of a larger machine.