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Server supersite debuts

Aug 26, 20032 mins

* Profile of Network World Fusion’s Server Research Center

Network World Fusion recently started up its Server Research Center to highlight server issues, topics and problems.

The Server Research Center is moderated by Network World Senior Editor Jennifer Mears, who handles the server beat. The page is here:

You’ll see the stories from the current week, as well as other stories that focus on servers and server technology. Plus, you’ll find links to server reviews that have appeared in Network World, as well as opinions and this Server Newsletter.

Jennifer also writes a note on servers, kind of a mini-blog of things that have happened that week or which caught her attention.

The menu on the right side of the page is one of the most important places for server information. Under Resource Links, you can submit links to server technologies, issues, white papers, demos, etc., that you have identified. Of course, each of these links is reviewed by Network World editors before being posted to the site.

On the right of the Server Links screen, you can add a resource, view the most popular links, view what’s new in the last week or modify a link if you have better or more accurate information:

Network World wants the Server Research Center – and the resource centers about storage, convergence, or whatever other topic – to be a part of your everyday activity. Check it out today.