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Unisys unveils large server

Apr 29, 20031 min

* Unisys’ ES7000/560 uses both Xeon MP and Itanium 2

Unisys introduced a server last week that runs the Windows Server 2003 operating system and holds up to 106 processors.

The ES7000/560 is configured with 32 Xeon MP processors and two 16-processor Itanium 2 partitions. Like other Unisys ES7000s, the server uses cellular multiprocessing (CMP) – a technology that lets a server be partitioned and run different operating systems simultaneously in each partition.

The 560 is additionally configured with as many as 42 PCI-based blade servers for tier one of the Internet infrastructure, where they would host Web server, DNS or load-balancing applications.

Unisys makes a variety of other ES7000s for Microsoft Windows. Among them are the Aries and the Orion. The Aries servers support as many as 16 Xeon or Itanium processors; the Orion servers are larger and support as many as 64 Xeon or Itanium processors.

Each server contains Unisys’ Server Sentinel self-monitoring and self-healing systems management software.

The ES7000/560 starts at $250,000 for a system with 16 Xeon MP and eight Itanium 2 processors. It is expected to be available in June.