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Configuration management

Feb 18, 20041 min
Data Center

* A look at how configuration management tools are evolving

When it comes to configuring switches, routers and other networked devices, it’s clear most shops need some help. Many times that help comes in the form of a network configuration management tool from AlterPoint, Gold Wire Technology, Opnet and Voyence or others. IBM, Cisco, Nortel, Check Point and others also offer configuration management tools but often they are specific to those vendors products – if you have multi-vendor environments they aren’t as useful.

Our Special Focus this week takes a look at how these tools are evolving.

In addition to their main function of helping customers implement consistent configurations across the enterprise, they also can be used to pinpoint the source of network problems more quickly. And with stored configurations, network managers can more quickly roll back devices to the last known accurate configuration.

The products can also provide added security. Because the software and appliances require users to sign in with a secure password and track each change made to the configuration of a device, customers can spot unauthorized access or potential security breaches.

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